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The secret NewsWhip greeting is revealed

Writing about company values is really hard. If you’re at all like me, you’re a bit skeptical about putting the words company and values together at all.

Most of the time if you ask for company values it seems to me you get:

Startup founders (like me) get too much credit.

Sure, by definition founders are critical for getting companies going. But once the Big Idea is funded, the most vital task for any founder is to find the people who will actually build the technology and the company around it.

Early stage tech companies succeed by hiring the right people, and creating a place where their talent can thrive. I suspect there are very few exceptions to that rule.

If founders get good people aboard early, the company’s product will soon be created by better coders and designers than the founders, operations run by better administrators than the founders, and product sold by better salespeople than the founders. …

Why Social Signals are Critical to the Modern Newsroom

Normally, any journalist would jump at the chance to be interviewed for the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR). As the pre-eminent publication for journalism professionals, a journalist turning down a CJR interview is like a musician turning down a Rolling Stone feature.

Yet when CJR Senior Editor Alexis Sobel Fitts was researching an article on the use of social listening tools in the newsroom, she was surprised to find staffers at most high profile publishers would ‘decline to comment’ on how they were using social signals to inform their editorial agendas.

Why so shy? …


Paul Quigley

Co-founder & CEO @NewsWhip -

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