A root-bound Aloe Vera, freed from its small container!

How to keep growing

People are like plants. We start as seeds, and grow into saplings. We don’t really know much other than the want and need to grow; to survive; to explore the soil we are planted in, and to reach for the sun.

As we evolve, we experience the world. We get used to the elements, and develop into what we’re born to be. We fit into our environment, and find a place and role in our communal ecosystem.

That is until we start to discover the limitations of our container.

Some plants grow in the forest, seemingly unencumbered.
Some plants grow in a controlled garden bed.
Some grow in the tiny crack of a rocky cliff face, against all odds.
While others plants grow in small plastic pots hidden under the stairs.

A plant’s potential is limited to the size of its container. It cannot grow when its ability to explore the unknown is restricted, despite how hard it may try. More resources cannot overcome a limited container, although it may sustain it a while longer.

Humans are plants; we are nature. We are all the elements combined — the whole range of life, death, love, and survival. We change, we evolve, we adapt, just like every species of plant and animal. We never stay the same, we are always growing, while we are dying.

We are not the same person as yesterday, and we won’t be the same person tomorrow. Even if we try to fight it.

We cannot stop dying, but we can stop growing.

The question is, what container have you chosen to live and experience your life within?

Imagine you had more room for you roots and branches to grow. Would you be willing to give up the safety of your container?

We may not get to choose our container when we are born, but if you reading this, chances are you are no longer a small sapling with lots of soil under your feet. Perhaps you’ve hit the bottom already, or you can sense it’s coming up.

Your container doesn’t have to be your container forever.
You can change it.
And then you can change it again if you want to.

We impose limitations on ourselves with self-defeating language, habits, traditions, beliefs, and rules. We learn to fear what’s beyond our container, because we have mistaken our comfort for safety.

Often, we have already decided what our life is going to look like, and so we resign ourselves to believing we are a helpless passenger on the bus, so it’s best to make the most of our lot in life.

We also impose limitations on others, with our judgements, assessments, and rules; hanging onto the past, and seeking restitution in the future. We try to righteously change and fix people, so as to alleviate the pain of our own container.

We are not any better or worse than the person next to us. We are all plants. We are all in a container. We also get to choose our container, and the plant next to us gets to choose theirs too.

And yes, it’s scary to grow, because it welcomes change, uncertainty, risk, and confronting the safety of ‘what we know’.

However, the more we resist growth, the scarier it gets because we never develop the muscle to powerfully navigate it.

Perhaps your container is just right for you, and that’s wonderful! This is not about being anti-container!

It’s about being aware that in each and every rotation of the sun, we ALL get to choose our experience of life. We get to choose our container.

So what would life be like if you had more room for you roots and branches? If you had more sun, or less? If you had access to more water, or bees, or the wind?

You aren’t dead yet; give yourself loving permission and forgiveness to grow again.

I love you. Have a wonderful day. 💕🌱🌲🌳🌴🌻


Pauly is the Co-Founder of Bold&Resolute, a movement dedicated to helping people be BOLD to tell the whole truth about who they are and what they want from life, and RESOLUTE to tell their truth especially when it’s hard.

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Be BOLD to tell the whole truth about who you are and what you want from life, and RESOLUTE to see it through despite the circumstances.

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