Are you ready?

Paul Zeitz

On a sunny warm Sunday in April 2000, my beloved late father-in-law Gerald Cohen Esq, suffered a massive heart attack, his second. He never made it to the family celebration for his grandson that day. I stood in silent shock watching him fly off in a medical evacuation helicopter and was dumbstruck by the crazy turn of events. His doctors quickly determined that his heart was so damaged, that his only chance of survival was a heart transplant — he had just days or hours to live. As we all were mentally preparing to say goodbye, unexpectedly, a miracle occurred when a donor was matched. In the nick of time, Dad received a new heart and he lived another 11 happy years.

As I’ve been reflecting on the state of our American union, I can’t help but sense that the “heart” of the United States of America — and our core values of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and serving justice for all — -is on the same precipice of imminent death, just as my father-in-law experienced. An existential assault on the “heart” of America by the dangerous forces controlling our federal government, which I’m diagnosing as a government, “By the Greedy, For the Greedy” is upon us. We are at a critical moment when a miracle is required, an urgent and lifesaving unified, revolutionary, patriotic, peaceful, non-violent justice movement is needed to radically and rapidly dismantle the injustices being perpetrated by the greed-driven machine that wholly controls the federal government.

The “heart” of our government is clogged with a chronic constipation of inaction in the face of serious and imminent threats and crises. Our government is arrhythmically undermining the intent of our founding Constitutional order of “By the People, For the People.” This is not completely surprising, as the founders themselves were all white males, many of whom were slaveowners, and they established a constitutional order to protect their privilege while subjugating others.

Now in this moment of history, it is up to us to declare our independence from a greed-driven system that is implementing greed-driven policies and programs, and from a government that is psychotically imposing policies that threaten our values and the ultimate survival of the human species — -shattering the “American Dream” for all us and for future generations.

We can no longer remain silent and stationary, as we bear witness to the utter collapse of America, as evidenced by the barbaric, immoral, and unjust actions of our federal government. While the crimes of injustice underway by our diseased federal government are innumerable, the most egregious assaults on our American values include:

1. Trump Internment Camps for Kids (TICKS) & their being justified by holy scripture;

2. And the aggressive propagation of war-like assault guns on the streets of America, being pursued as a legitimate federal response to the epidemic of mass shootings of innocent children and our fellow citizens;

3. And the unbridled expansion of America’s military empire that costs $1 trillion per year of our hard earned tax dollars that boosts the pockets of greedy, while paradoxically making us less secure. This is evidenced by America’s support for the rise of despotism, America’s efforts to actively undermine democratic governments around the world, and our complicity in the spread of violent terrorism against the American idea. This dysfunctional approach is supported by American taxpayers, as our money is used to maintain a military presence with nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad — creating waves of fear and insecurity for all of those peoples affected by our aggression and the violence that these investments unleash;

4. And the complete disregard of widely accepted scientific evidence, dismantling of progress, combined with the active suppression of American innovation is a psychotic federal government response in the face of incontrovertible evidence that indicates that America’s 330 million people (5% of the global population) contributes 30% of global greenhouse gases. The American contribution to the global climate crisis is directly causing a mass extinction of multiple species, including many mammals — threatening the survival of homo sapiens — all of us;

5. And America’s mass incarceration and enslavement of people of color, based on racist and hateful biogtry, that is systemically destroying families and the souls of our fellow citizens;

6. And economic and tax policies that successfully protect the largess of the greedy, which at the same time destroying the quality of life of the middle class and poor — literally sapping the life of the America Dream from the lives of a majority of our fellow citizens;

7. And the imminent threat by the federal government to aggressively dismantle women’s reproductive rights —being driven by a minority of white male misogynist bigots —who are intent on relentlessly suppressing women’s rights. By increasing the pressure of their feet on women’s necks, they are fulfilling on their bizarre intent to suffocate the lives of our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

8. And the unbridled propagation of policies that aggressively undermine free speech, freedom of assembly, combined with the active suppression of citizens with the right to vote to actually vote, and in the ultimate injustice — the aggressive gerrymandering of the entire political system to ensure that the interests of the greedy are protected while the interests of the American people are suppressed;

9. And the federal government is pathologically lying to the American people, distorting the truth, and undermining the fabric of trust between our citizens — which is the basis for our peaceful union as a country;

10. And, finally the federal government is aggressively dismantling high quality and high impact health and education services —leaving our children and all of us with less capacity to succeed and more likely to unnecessarily suffer from preventable disease and premature death.

Enough is Enough! In my view, ongoing attempts at incremental and small-scale fixes cannot and will not work. Without urgent, bold and transformative action, the American experiment will likely die, and our hopes for leaving the world a better place for our children and future generations will vanish.

We have one choice, and one opportunity. At this liminal moment of crisis, we simultaneously have the opportunity to join forces in a historic fusion of diverse communities and collectively wage justice for America’s second chance, for America 2.0. After 242 years, our current Constitution framework is destroying the “heart” of America.

A new America 2.0 constitution can be created to restore the “heart” of America —and we together can be the doctors that give America a chance to survive. We can be the American “heart” transformers. We can create a peaceful and smooth transition to America 2.0, if and only if, a large number — literally millions of the American people — makes their voices heard, everywhere, with unified, peaceful, non-violent mass demonstration for justice, now-NOW!

I feel 99% certain that a peaceful revolution to create America 2.0 is imminently possible. Our justice revolution can reignite the American dream, empower American values of liberty, freedom, and justice — here at home and around the world.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 12 noon EST, I intend to be present near the marker where the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. gave his inspiring “I Have a Dream Speech” — 55 years ago.

As MLK shared his vision of an America whose government had a “heart” pumping love and justice into life of our nation, our communities, our families and within each of us. I look forward to listening, sharing, and learning together with all justice-minded Americans as we mobilize bold action to bring forth America 2.0 and co-create a new American government, By the People, For the People! As I hope you can see, I am ready.

Are you ready?

Paul Zeitz

Written by

Friend, entrepreneur, champion of innovation, & tireless advocate for justice | Author of WAGING JUSTICE (September 2018)

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