The Post Virtual Reality Sadness
Tobias van Schneider

Personally I noticed the a similar thing I do after I stop playing a video game for hours on end (any game, be it a racing game or a FPS or Tetris). I start thinking about the world in terms of that game. And with VR, where you’re able to manipulate reality or otherwise second-guess it’s nature, that means you’re second guessing reality for the next 4 hours. I imagine the context menu that should pop up when you interact with your car, or the data structure that would be used to represent an elevator, or the expert agent logic behind the mail man going about his daily business.

I wouldn’t say its depressive in my case. But like anything you spend hours obsessing over (and VR requires a lot of brain power even if you don’t notice it), it impresses on your thought patterns for a while.

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