When strategizing for a web design project, it’s important to make a distinction between small business, and corporate approach. Small businesses, startup, brands and corporation all have different needs and goals for their websites user experience. To understand this on a deeper level, you have to explore the reasons why.

Small Businesses Market on Fewer Channels

Small businesses may only need to focus on a few channels such as social media, email, and website, perhaps also a blog. As a result, their small business web design design only has to appeal to a narrow and specific audience. In comparison, corporations have marketing campaigns running on many…

Recently around the office we were trawing the idea of clear communications and misunderstendings. Soon after our content strategist Esther Gutkovsky wrote a post about it. Communications, ambiguity, non-verbal body language and team meetings vacuums, I find it very interesting and wanted to share here too..

You may think that the message you are sending is the same one that others are receiving – however, every individual processes information and tone in specific ways.

Read more at: http://creativeagencytalk.com/2014/10/07/want-build-great-team-communicate/

Goran Paunovic

Principal, Creative Director at ArtVersion, Chicago based creative agency and design consultancy. https://artversion.com

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