Progressive Voting Guide for San Jose Voters

Hi its me, Pau!

Link to PDF to be read from phone or device:


Link to printable PDF: You’ll notice when looking at the print PDF, the pages are completely out of order which is intentional. When you send this file to print, it should be printed double-sided. To assemble the pages into a book, fold each sheet in half and stack them. You’ll notice the order of the page numbers and it’ll start to make sense. Staple the spine and it’s good to go!

Here are ways you can support me

contact me and send me a message letting me know you’ll be voting with my zine ❤ I do this work for FREEEEEE in exchange for the satisfaction of knowing I made an impact in my community: or @ pau_olvido on instagram

Send funds that will be used to print MORE zines so that this stays accessible to all folks regardless of their financial abilities

My paypal:

Link to my venmo:

I can accept checks in the mail please email me for info

writing from east oakland these days. ESSJ raised.

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