Narcos and the landing of Netflix in Spain

Wagner Moura is Pablo Escobar in Narcos (Netflix)

Last week the well-known international provider of online streaming content Netflix landed in Spain. At the presentation in Madrid, the co-founder and CEO of the company, Reed Hastings, said that the goal for Netflix is to reach in the next seven years a third of Spanish households.

But Netflix has landed in Spain with a limited offer but also with the competition of Movistar+, and this competitor could be a threat for the online content provider. For example, the latest seasons of Netflix own productions House of Cards and Orange is the New Black will be aired first on Movistar+ than on Netflix.

Even though its weaknesses, the online content provider lands in Spain with some interesting titles such as Daredevil, Bloodline or Narcos. And this last one could become one of the revelation series for Spanish viewers.

Narcos is a crime series which narrates impressively and accurately well the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his partners of the Medellín Cartel. In my opinion, the best item of the series is how the story tells not only the personal history of Escobar and his partners, but the history of Colombia during his 70s and 80s and how politics worked in that South American country.

If I should have to point out one weakness of Narcos, I would say that some actors supposed to be Colombians talk with a Brazilian or Mexican accent. As Spanish natives we can differentiate this diversity, but it shouldn’t stop us to watch and enjoy Narcos, another great Netflix series.

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