We’re an excuse riddled society.

We waste more time and come up with more reasons for why we can’t do something rather than just acting in the first place. One of my all-time favorites is when I hear individuals talk in relation to the ‘time of year’ or the ‘season’ we’re currently in or heading into as if the invisible hand of Adam Smith somehow evolved from economic shifts over to weather enacted motivation.

Some of my favorite lines I’ve heard include:

  • “It’s Fall, so the kids are going back to school and the holidays will be here soon.”
  • “It’s…

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If you knew someone was not being their authentic self, how could you trust them?

Yet, often that’s exactly what people do. Instead, they propose at an undisclosed time in the future in which they’ll reveal their true self. However, the damage is already done. Individuals often restrain themselves because of poor past experiences and are scared or fear having judgement cast upon them. Or, they want to be someone / something they are not.

In a society that’s always browsing, always looking for the next big thing, it’s very easy for people to move on if you’re too guarded…

Imagination = Creativity = Originality = Open Mindedness

Some are more intrinsically creative than others despite the notion of being right brain or left brain dominate is largely a myth. What makes specific individuals more creative than others?

1: Bigger Risk Taker

Those individuals that are willing to roll the dice are much more open minded and generally have an outside the box perspective on things. Their willingness to accept and take risks allows them to be more creative because they don’t limit their possibilities.

2: Eliminates Fear of Failure

This goes hand-in-hand with being a risk taker, but by…

Stress. Time. Uncomfortable.

These are three of the main reasons individuals quit, giving up and completely cutting ties with what they were previously pursuing.

There’s an unfortunate perception that’s been cast down upon millennials for lacking loyalty with their job hopping ways. Yet, the argument should be made that changing directions is far different than quitting.

Changing directions means having the ability to pivot and yet still pursue the same higher overall goal. Whereas quitting, means to completely cut off the pursuit and abandon the current goal. While organizations take it personally when employees leave their organization, it’s no different…

To be completely selfless, or to be selfnull, is impossible.

While the theory of being 100% selfless is one many pursue, having no selfish motives behind your actions, either consciously or subconsciously, is not one that we possess. However, in the pursuit of being selfless, which simply means to be less selfish, we can make daily strides.

We have a daily choice, to focus on selfish reasons which may include fame, money, prestige or reputation. Yet, we can also live our lives in pursuit of happiness, growth or justice for another individual or group of people. …

Our society is saturated and constantly bombarded with information to the point we cannot even take the time to respond to personal correspondence we receive. We go through an internal evaluation process as a way of performing checks and balances to determine and decipher in a split second if we should archive or delete a message versus responding. A social experiment was performed as a way to test various theories about what circumstances and situations will elicit a response based on correspondence sent. The results were not what was originally expected:

1: Individuals responded +100% more to a longer, yet…

You’re the GM of your own personal All-Star baseball team, the founder of your own startup, and that team and startup is: You.

While we have little control as a child of what sandbox we can or cannot play in, we still get the choice of where and who we play with inside the box. As we grow older and mature, we are exposed to different circles within school, activity groups, friends and eventually work. Some of these circles cross over while others remain unique and separated. …

You’re not born that way. Despite what you may think, no one is born with the gene of being lazy or having an incredible work ethic. However, just like several other learned traits, your work ethic is cultivated through the environment you’re exposed to from a very early age. There’s a lot a material I found on LinkedIn that specifically discusses the habit of being lazy with these three specifically striking a chord:

Sometimes we all need a truth serum moment. We need to step away from the ideals and what we should be and just get down to the brass tacks of who we are an how we operate. There’s a ton of content surrounding listening with my three personal favorite that I found here in LinkedIn being:

Yet here’s the truth serum on listening — We all suck at it.

Wikipedia states there’s several different types of awareness with everything from social awareness to workplace awareness. In the specific case of self awareness, it can have a large impact on your personal growth and define how others perceive you.

Self Awareness = Consciousness

Have you ever heard the term, “Feel asleep at the wheel?” The simple concept of awareness could often be the difference between a safe ride home, a fender bender or even a driving fatality. …

Jesse Liebman

Taking the time each and every day to: Pause. Think. Consider. http://www.pausethinkconsider.com

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