Self Awareness & Discovering Your Baseline

Wikipedia states there’s several different types of awareness with everything from social awareness to workplace awareness. In the specific case of self awareness, it can have a large impact on your personal growth and define how others perceive you.

Self Awareness = Consciousness

Have you ever heard the term, “Feel asleep at the wheel?” The simple concept of awareness could often be the difference between a safe ride home, a fender bender or even a driving fatality. While distractions may be the culprit with driving, what’s the excuse for not following through with common courtesies such as holding the door open for someone or saying please and thank you?

If someone hasn’t told you, or you haven’t actually taken the time, to determine what defines you and who you are, how can you possibly work on improving yourself? In reality though, other individuals can only help point out who they think you are and how you’re perceived by the world. However, before you can change your perceptions, you need to truly know who you are. This can be accomplished by going through what’s call a self awareness discovery exercise. After going through this exercise you’ll come away with a list of ten things that define who you are and how you choose to conduct yourself. At that point, you can leverage outside opinions to help determine if you’re living in a world of reality versus hope and desire.

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