An Activity for the Children — how to make a Glitter Bottle

The glitter bottle is a wonderful concept which my daughter came home with from a mindfulness course.

The idea is that the glitter inside the bottle represents your emotions. If you are feeling upset/ anxious, shake the glitter bottle. Imagine that the glitter whirling around the bottle is all your emotions whirling around inside your head… Keep on watching the glitter and you will notice how it starts to slow down, how it starts to drift down to the bottom, how it settles on the bottom of the bottle. This is naturally calming and is essentially a brilliant visual stimulus which helps to settle emotions within yourself. This is perfect to use when you feel your child has behaved inappropriately/ instead of ‘time out’. You can get them to watch the glitter settle and once they have calmed down you can sit down, talk them through their behaviour and have a cuddle.

It is very simple to make. All you need is:

- A bottle (a plastic one unless you are happy that it won’t be dropped on someone’s toe/ smash)

- Different colours of glitter

- Sellotape/ duct tape

- Glitter glue/ glycerine if you want the glitter to move more slowly- the effect to last longer

- Food colouring if you want to colour the water

Fill the bottle with water. Ask your child to pick 3 colours of glitter to represent feelings, behaviours and thoughts. If you would like to, you can also add a drop or two of food colouring to colour the water. If you want to glitter to swirl more slowly (as it does in snow globes, you can add some glitter glue or glycerine).

Once this is done put the lid on tightly and seal with Sellotape or duct tape.

Shake the bottle, concentrate on watching the glitter and observe how you feel afterwards.