In Support of Our Two Party System

By the beginning of the 20th Century our federal and state governance had settled into a two-party system which then evolved into our Democratic Party being left of center and our Republican Party right of center.

Parliamentarians mock this arrangement as undemocratic especially since constitutionally, no matter how badly our president screws up, his/her government can only be brought down by impeachment and removal from office.

Rigid, sure, but I like our two party system and its anchor in our constitution. I like that neither side can get all it wants so both have to compromise. As opposed to multiple sides tearing at each other and getting hardly anything they want, the model that prevails in many of today’s parliamentary democracies as they labor to give voice to all their constituencies’ agendas. Which often results in their countries’ “elites” taking “executive action” to, ironically, impose monetary, fiscal and societal policies that don’t necessarily reflect the will of the majority.

Like it or not, our two party system, and our constitution, are the linchpins that have kept our republic whole and fostered our remarkable national stability.

So what distresses me most about this presidential election is how our Republican Party, since at least 2008, has strayed so far from its mandate of practical conservative reform by adopting a policy of uncompromising resistance to compromise. And making promises to its constituencies about “upending Washington” impossible to keep.

The unfortunate result is Trump’s candidacy.

I hope after November, our Republican Party’s leaders wise up and return their party to its vital role of practical counterpoise to the potential excesses of our other great party.

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