A complete guide to in-app purchase integration

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Google Play in-app purchases are the simplest solution to selling digital products or content on Android apps. So many app developers who want to sell digital goods or offer premium membership to users can simply use the Google Play in-app billing process for smooth and easy checkouts.

In this article, we’ll check the end-to-end process of implementing in-app purchases on an Android app as well as creating in-app billing products on the Google Play console.

If you want to dive into the code directly, here’s the repo:

Let’s get started!

An Overview of Google Play’s Billing System

Before directly jumping into the code, let’s get a basic idea of the billing system. One of the important things to know is what kind of products we can sell to users. Google Play’s billing system helps us sell the following types of digital…

Creating custom UI elements for ExoPlayer

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If you haven’t checked out my first part on ExoPlayer like What is ExoPlayer, Why do we need it and ExoPlayer basic integration please checkout Android ExoPlayer: Play Videos in Your App Like YouTube for better understanding while further reading. Else if you have a basic idea regarding ExoPlayer you can skip that and proceed.


ExoPlayer is the video player running in the Android YouTube app, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. For the reasons like it is an open-source project which is maintained by Google that has its perks and it’s totally free most player apps in Android use this ExoPlayer. Also, the other reason is that customizing the default MediaPlayer is very difficult to manage and doesn’t support many formats for flexible use. In my previous article, we discussed the importance and basic usage of ExoPlayer. …

A beginner’s guide to ExoPlayer integration in Android

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The Importance of Video Apps

There’s a constant need for video-playing apps for entertainment, educational, and many other purposes. …


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