While holding any multi-lingual events, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is that how your message will reach the delegates or professionals who are there and are from multiple countries with different culture and different languages. In this article, I’ll discuss about what is a simultaneous interpretation system and how it can be the key towards language barrier.

Interpretation System

Interpretation and its importance is valued from a long time on this globe. It’s one of the most important factor which eliminates the language barrier and establishes a good connection between what is said and what is understood. Earlier we were having consecutive interpretation culture, in which the speaker had to wait for the interpreter to interprets his speech and then continue again. But after World War II and establishment of UN in 1945, Simultaneous Interpretation system was introduced which made the process flow smooth and continuous. It is a kind of real time interpretation system which happens without the involvement of the real speaker.

Simultaneous Interpretation System

Simultaneous Interpretation System is a process which interprets the presenter language to the receiver’s language without any time delay and without affecting the pace of speech. It requires highly skilled and trained interpreters with some advanced equipment. Equipment needed is soundproof booths, receiver headphone, radiators, microphones and some other. Interpreters are the most important persons in simultaneous interpreting system as they need to deliver the same speech as the speaker is conveying to the audience but in their local languages and with the same pace of flow.

It is a process of interpreting the speech from its original source language to the target language without interrupting the flow of speech. It is a key for eliminating the language barrier while organising or joining any multi-lingual meeting or conferences or seminar or any such similar things.

What is a Simultaneous Interpreter????

Talking about the simultaneous interpreter, they are the most important person carrying the biggest responsibility for successful completion of any event or conference. The interpreter sits inside a soundproof booth, with their headphones, monitors and microphones and usually it is suggested to have a couple of interpreters for interpreting the speeches. They carefully listen to the speaker message and then instantly convey the same message to target language. They have a very little time to listen, analyse and deliver the speech with the same flow. They are the real key eliminating the language and cultural barrier throughout any event or conferences.

How it works?

The demand and value of simultaneous interpretation system has been increasing day by day. The main objective of implying it is to eliminate the communication barrier between two parties so that one can understand the other using simultaneous interpretation equipment.

It works with the simple principle of hearing the floor language and then delivering the message to the target audience language. Audience/delegates are provided with headphones and a portable machine which can easily fit into their pockets, the interpreter sit in his/her booth accordingly and the hall is facilitated with the radiators to transmit proper signal. Speaker delivers his speech through the microphone (floor language) and on the other side the interpreters accordingly simultaneously passes the same message to audience in their target language without interrupting the pace of speaker. Audience can set their language and volumes for the conference accordingly through their provided portable interpretation equipment (Digital Receivers). Simultaneous interpretation system gives the delegates movement of freedom while listening to the messages. They can move freely over the seminar halls and can enjoy the vent without any interruption.

How to schedule a multi-lingual conference/seminar using simultaneous interpretation system??

The problem which multi-lingual conference or meetings are facing is because of the communication and cultural differences in between the audiences. The success of any conference or event depends on the fact that how clearly your audience gets the information through the speaker.

The best way to overcome this situation while holding a multi-lingual conference is by implementing the simultaneous interpretation equipment and interpreters. It will not only enable the delegates to grasp the information but will also put an impact on your business standards. The thing to watch out here is where and how to get these equipment!

Simultaneous interpretation system is available in market with the option of both, either to buy it or to rent it for the time. Several interpretation companies like Translation India, interstarttranslation etc. are the good and trusted one in providing quality interpretation services. These companies provide you the option of both buying or renting the simultaneous interpretation equipment. Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental service is broadly used for arranging the conferences/seminars. Clients schedule their event/conferences with such companies giving them all the details of event, speaker, delegates and their budgets and then accordingly these companies will make all the arrangements for the successful completion of your seminars or conferences.

Communication barrier is no more a problem for holding the multi-lingual conferences or seminars, meetings or summits; These advancement and growing evolution in the interpretation system has been proven as the key factor for removing the language barrier out of your events.

Share your thoughts and views regarding Simultaneous Interpretation and Interpreters in the comment box. In my next article, I’ll discuss about the importance and requirement of an interpreter.