10 Simple and Free Growth Hacking Tools Any Marketing Guy Can Try Today

Unusual? Yes, Unusual because these Growth Hacking Tools that I am going to list out today are great but not well known like other tools. Many growth hackers and marketers talk about only some hand picked already known tools but what about some new newcomers? Even if you search ‘Growth Hacking Tools’ on Google, you are going to get the same tools, but there are some powerful growth hacking tools that are going unnoticed.

Let’s list out some of the best growth hacking tools on the market but less known,


Hatjar is one such tool that can track every visitor’s activity on your website. Like heat map, this tool shows the flow of the visitor on the website and can help you visually see the flow of any visitor along with the actions he/she takes. When it comes to A/B testing, this tool is the best alternative to Google analytics.


Content is king and good content needs a proper promotion with some strong CTA. How about adding your CTA on some famous websites and pages not owned by you? No, it’s not any kind of hacking. It’s ethical and you can do it with this tool.


Now you can change the look and feel of your social posts through this tool. Very simple but really powerful. This tool can help you boost the engagement of your posts by adding additional spices that you need. Upgrade your marketing efforts from simple link management tools and get more out of your social post! Change the appearance of your social posts within seconds boost engagement.


Gleam is the best tool when it comes to increasing engagement on your website. The tool has different in-built apps that help you do online competitions and embed them on your website to increase the engagement. This tool is the easiest way to run giveaways.


Want to track any SEO related stuff and do SEO properly? Use SHEER SEO. Complete automation of SEO including tools for tracking, backlinks building and much more. You can track your keyword rankings over time and get valuable suggestions. Not only that, you can directory submissions directly from this tool. You can see indexed pages, citation flow and the backlinks growth.


A good way to drive traffic to your site from Social Media. You can choose your favorite streams and the curated posts will appear on your dashboard that you can share on your social channels. You can also see the analytics of how your shared posts did.

SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler is a promotion tool that offers everything that you need to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. Your all in one SEO tool that does website audit, monitor rankings, backlinks analysis and much more. You need to give a try then you will know the importance of this tool.


A very niche tool that can help you find similar content and broken links. This free tool helps you to quickly surface quality link prospects who have linked to/cited other content that is closely related to yours. If a prospect has shared something similar to your content then the chances of them sharing yours are greatly increased. This tool which crawls the web and analyses up to 1.5m links per day to identify valuable broken links that we can take advantage of.


With Clearbit tool, you can find almost anybody’s email id and a lot of filter options are available so you get what you want. This is good lead generating tool when used well. Can easily connect with anybody and send directed emails.


Marketing automation is the future and here is the tool that lets you integrate and automate your apps and will get done a lot of work in a less time. There are so many apps listed out, you can automate your social media channels and automate the email marketing workflow easily. Try it to know it better.

Yes, so here are ten tools that are less known to the growth industry but having enormous potential. Try each and every tool to know them better.

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Originally published at www.growthhacky.com on February 19, 2017.