Don’t just talk DevOps. Do it properly by implementing this

Read this article only if you want to implement and fix your DevOps.

No doubt, DevOps is going places, and every company wants to embrace this, but ‘how to’ and ‘from where to’ are the two most important questions that many companies find difficult to answer. DevOps, as we all know is a cultural shift in the organization that encourages change in the way the firms used to work and deliver software/products to the market.

It all starts with packaging, continuous integration, continuous delivery and finally continuous deployment.

Now, your DevOps team starts finding tools to automate different activities and they encounter the tools out there are fragmented. While one does only CI, the other does only infrastructure provisioning and some help with testing and some with deployment. It is too difficult to evaluate which one is the best and fits well into your organization. Also, even if you find the best ones, to connect each one to talk to each other is a complicated process.

Recently, the CEO of Shippable Avi Cavale figured out this pain the organizations are facing with DevOps and has come up with the term ‘DevOps island of automation.’

He explains, all the tools mentioned above do a particularly excellent job but when it comes to a unified workflow that calls for automation is missing, just they are not connected to each other. These tools/platforms cannot talk to each other themselves, and if you want to make it happen, your developers have to put in a lot of effort and time. It not only increases the cost but also severely affects the productivity.

Hence, it is time for organizations to realize DevOps similar to assembly lines.

Source: Shippable

In a recent article, Shippable shared its views on how it is going to solve the DevOps fragmentation problem by giving organizations the ability to easily interconnect many pipelines into a streamlined workflow for Continuous Delivery or Deployment and ultimately do DevOps the right way.

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