Metaverse New Age Legalities

We have begun to start hearing much about the Metaverse today. It is a new world that is evolving and we are expected to spend much of our times on the Metaverse in the coming times. Why not? Metaverse is the next new level of the Internet and its evolution, where the convergence of a new reality consisting of physical world, virtual reality and augmented reality, will be our new playfield. However, the coming of the Metaverse is accompanied by new distinctive legal nuances.

These legalities concerning the new world of the Metaverse will assume tremendous significance as more and more companies prepare new battle strategies to have a meaningful role in the metaverse and its accompanying economy.

It thus becomes important that appropriate attention must be given to the legal nuances concerning Metaverse as the paradigm is evolving.

In this context, I have recently authored my new book “The Metaverse Law” <>.

This book examines some of the more significant legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to Metaverse and the various legal nuances and aspects pertaining to this newly evolving paradigm. These issues are very crucial for the further robust growth of Metaverse. In this context, it is clear that if these legal issues are appropriately addressed, they can further contribute in further and rapid manner to the future development and growth of Metaverse as a paradigm.

This book aims to highlight some of the more significant issues impacting Metaverse as are arising today. However, we need to note that as the Metaverse paradigm continues to evolve, newer and more challenging legal issues and aspects are likely to raise their heads. These will have to be appropriately addressed by all the Metaverse digital stakeholders, with the passage of time.

The future belongs to the Metaverse. With companies committing millions of dollars as their proposed budgetary allocations for their Metaverse plans, the Metaverse is likely to evolve as a much faster speed than what we are currently anticipating. We need to change our mindsets and be open to adopt a much faster pace of technological phenomena impacting our day to day lives.

Note: The author Dr. Pavan Duggal (, internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. More about him is available at



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