Masked — A Photo Story

Life is a masquerade. People wear different masks under different circumstances and they behave differently with different people. But they often tend to forget that a mask symbolizes pretentiousness and it takes real toll on them . This is the story of one such masked woman.

There are two friends who are soulmates to each other. They share almost everything be it food, be it their secrets, be it notes or be it the dress they wear. They have got each others’ back. They depend on each other and even their tastes match.

Astounded by their friendship and closeness, the masked woman wanted to join the duo.

She approached the pair and started getting to know them. But she hid her actual self beneath that mask, afraid of losing friends again. She started telling lies to join the group.

The masked woman started covering one lie with another to get close to the group, started being someone whom she never was. She wore thousand masks and forgot which one she actually was.

The duo let her in their group. But one of them had a doubt on the credibility of the statements the masked woman was making.

One day, the trio was going on a walk. The masked woman was eves dropping on the conversation made by the duo from a distance.

She even started laughing to their jokes making her way further into the group.

The group then decided to head to a restaurant for lunch. The masked woman thought she became part of the group.

She reserved a table for the group while the duo went to the counter to give the order for food.

One of them found out that the masked woman was wearing a phoney, posed social mask to get into the group and it was not her real face.

She felt betrayed. So she decided to maintain some distance with the masked woman.

Even though she knew that the masked woman reserved a table for them, she convinced the other, both went to another table and started ignoring the masked woman.

Her mask became the reason for loss of two friends. She felt left out, depressed.

Ashamed, the masked woman decided to leave that place.

She left the restaurant leaving the group and started heading to a lonely place.

The masked woman sat alone in a deserted place. She understood how dangerous a mask can be. She started becoming someone she pretend to be. She felt depressed, mundane, alone, uninterested.

She felt that she can never be happy by wearing a mask. So she removed the mask.

She was so angry at what she has became. She was ashamed of the mask she wore. Furious, she threw the mask away.

The duo finished their lunch and was on their way back. They stopped at the place where masked woman was sitting alone. One of them saw that her mask had fallen off.

She felt that masked woman’s deed of taking her mask off was an expiation. She felt that the masked woman will now be her true self.

She decided to talk to her and cheer her up. She wanted to befriend her again

“You know, you are more attractive without a mask. Be yourself.” the woman said to the masked woman.

She called her friend too and they both decided to let the masked woman into their group. She told that a person can only be trusted when the mask had fallen off.

This metamorphosis in the masked woman’s realizations made them best friends for life forever.

“The greatest act of courage in life is to be who you are without any apologies, without any excuses, without any masks to cover the truth about who you actually are. ” — Debbie Ford

Models: Neha Patnaik, Sushree Mohapatra, Shraddha Kusum

Photographer: Kodati Pavan Kalyan.