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Vision 2029:

Manoj Pavan Kumar is a successful digital freelancer🧑‍💻, copy writer✍, budget traveler 🧳, finance mentor 💰💹, angel investor💸, fitness freak 🏋️and a farmer🧑‍🌾. So, what made him successful? What are the main causes to enter into different fields? Let’s ask him.

What is Success according to you?

Success varies from person to person. In my case, I successfully failed many times to become successful by letting me step out of my comfort zone, optimizing my strengths & minimized my weakness as much as I can, stopped comparing myself with others, It’s always me vs me, expected a lot from myself rather than others. I believe that, if I complete my to-do list in my day against all the odds, I am successful. In the end, the result doesn’t matter, whether it may be success or failure, but it’s always the journey that matters.

At the age of 16, he failed in IIT JEE📚 & lost interest in it. Then he joined a local engineering college🏫 and graduated in Civil Engineering👷‍♂️ just because of his parent’s interest (P.S: He’s not blaming them) as the middle-class people’s mindset i.e. to get a secured government job and in his case, it’s ESE, SSC JE, etc. He never wanted to go against his parent’s wish and he never tried to convince his parents as well at that point in time.

He cracked GATE 2021 examination📑 in his second attempt🥈, but this time he did not join. He says, “ I did not find a purposeful reason to do my Master.” As I said success feel varies from person to person, my parents felt I am successful as I cleared the examination, but I did not feel the same way my parents did.

Why digital freelancing?

I used to do an IT job in the past. 9–5, literally I am giving my 8 hours of a day just to the office. I have many other dreams to fulfill. I am passionate about exploring completely new and different things. So I am an unworthy person to do 9–5 under a boss. I decided to be my own boss, work for myself and do whatever I want to do and hence I chose digital freelancing.

What made you travel✈️ a lot?

From my childhood, I did not travel a lot. So, I explored as many countries as possible, and the count goes on. Here comes the major part, if I feel I want to work during the travel, freelancing is the best. World🌍 is a very beautiful place, especially nature🚠🌄🗻, I always tend to know and explore different cultures across all parts of the world and most importantly I love traveling alone on a budget.

Why do you choose finance💸?

It’s the most exciting, challenging, and fast-paced. This is the subject that no one will teach in schools, even though I learned it myself, bcoz the Indian Education System mostly focuses on how to produce jobs, and how to settle without taking any risks. I made a solution for this by providing my courses regarding finance. In the very beginning, I made them on YT, and after getting an overwhelming response, I started monetizing and hence built a business.

What made you trigger the point of farming?

The simple basic thing I follow is demand and supply. In a country like India, there is huge demand and less supply just bcoz of the population👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, the second most populated, and no doubt India is gonna top the list🥇 very soon. To be honest, in order to meet the demand, a lot of adulteration has been going which causes huge damage in the long term. So, I decided to grow my own food, and eat my own food, make them grow without any harmful pesticides and fertilizers as much as I can.

What made you extremely obsessed with your physique?

There is a saying, Health is wealth and I follow that

1. As growing up, there is a point where I need to focus not only on competitive job preparation but also on a good, fit and healthy physique. So I decided to work out well at the age of 20 during the lockdown, followed and experimented with different diet schedules as per my body recommendations. In doing so, I found a deep interest in shaping my body.

2. I am obsessed with it bcoz I got results from it, not only in my physical appearance but also in my mental state.

3. The main root cause is a lockdown, Literally, I put on 15kgs⚖️ just by sitting home and unknowingly eating high-calorie and high junk. One day I saw naked myself in the mirror from top hair strand to bottom thumb, this is the main spark🔥. I have seen a variety of fat portions attached to various parts of my body. I felt guilt at that point in time, having 32.11 percent body fat😒, low protein, fat belly, and saggy muscles all just bcoz of a sedentary lifestyle.

Summing up all the above-mentioned points, this is how I transformed from version 1.0 to 2.0.

If you like the blog, I would love to hear your response and feedback from your side. Meet you all in the next blog with other content. Keep smiling and stay tuned!




An Engineer By Chance

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Manoj Pavan Kumar

Manoj Pavan Kumar

An Engineer By Chance

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