Why blogging is not working for you?

Blogging is not dead, it just changed

When people talk about a blog, majority of them will start thinking about a blog post with text text and text. do people still read blog posts? like the one below

A person looking for a quick solution will never read this kind of chunks, he would better switch to a better site with better presentation.

If you’re blogging, you need to keep up with current trends, switch the way you present data in front of your audience, make sure its easily consumable.

Start embedding more and more graphical and other forms of content like audio, video etc. which will convey info in a more quick forward way, the best example would be “infographic” but today we can also see gifographics, which are more interactive.

Driving traffic to your blog, brings me close to nothing

Stop complaining “I’m trying but, it just doesn’t work for me!”

Every social media and referral sources can drive traffic, the problem here is your content and the way you promote.

Even if your content is good, just sharing your content with one click to over 10+ social media doesn’t work.

Every social media needs a strategy i.e the way you need to approach these platforms when driving traffic.

Be smart, don’t use share and forget technique.

Now what Traffic’s good, but no income

“10 sure-fire ways that will motivate you in seconds” — Click bait

You’re headline’s great but what, no one is reading your content.

The problem is with your content, it’s not just about crating a good headline, the content should be unique too, the more the people read your content, the more they’ll engage.

Here’s what majority of bloggers do…

  • Choose a topic for their blog post
  • start writing
  • place ads or affiliate links
  • Pray for the magic to happen

Think your blog as a service, Offer better or unique info → get more people → Make them take action → make money

Easy? not at all

Each stage mentioned above will need a strategy, how to approach and all.


Only few of them make money and a few in a few are actually making a living. Another truth to be said, most blogs don’t make money, reason — approaching just for money will ultimately hurt your brand, So respect your blog, teach people help people, but you need to stay optimum so that you can make money without hurting your brand. People like Ramsay Taplin, Harsh aggarwal, Pat Flynn are actually making a Living out of blogging and it took them multiple years to get there.

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