How 10th Graders Are Outwitting Growth Teams of India’s Largest Internet Companies!
Puneet Sachdev

I have read the complete article and I agree with the point from the company’s end. I know the pain and loss the companies went through.

Keeping that story apart, I don’t agree with the last point of this post. Even genuine influencers too affected in the process of eliminating the fake account/sellers. Myself, being a marketer promoted the Fynd app with my referral and generated a few sales. For this I have got Fynd cash as appreciation which was later flushed out for the reason I’ve violated the company TnC. Also my referring option was suspended on my account.

I didn’t perform any awful activity while driving the new users. I have contacted Fynd customer support regarding the same but they didn’t take any appropriate action.

So what’s the point in using Fynd app. So I decided to uninstall Fynd app and have never promoted it to my audience though I receive promotional emails with huge discounts for the reason not to get blamed by my audience for unusual account flagging.

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