Inmovidu, powering aspirations!

Over the past 4 years of my angel investing, I have seen that every startup has a story. Most of them relate to personal experiences or ambitions of founders. is one such story, it began when one of the co-founders wanted to bridge the gap and bring aspirational learning online. Though the idea is quite simple, we realized each of us has a personal aspiration that remains unfulfilled due to inhibitions, social stigma, shyness, time constraint etc..

Conducting online classes over past 6 months in music, cooking, yoga, painting, women empowerment etc., has shown the real power of this idea. Getting enrollments from different ages and social status has shown that fulfilling aspiration elevates individual’s self image and confidence. The teachers too are the hidden talent, who now have a platform to showcase their skills and learning from the comfort of home.

The diverse composition of the founder team @ inmovidu has helped to tap into B2B segment and create a new online program to empower women at work places. The overwhelming response to the program is a reflection of how every intellectual wants to contribute to this aspiration. The active involvement of participants and the companies that have invested in this social cause is a motivator to design more such program that fulfill an aspiration to empower women in every walk of life.

The success so far by inmovidu, that just conducts online classes and does not provide a certification or an endorsement, is a reflection of value of fulfilling individual aspiration. This reinforces my belief that only startups or business that connects with a social cause, will thrive.

I wish inmovidu team further success and hope their platform will mature into a perfect online place to connect teachers and learners to fulfill personal aspirations, cutting across age, cultures and countries.

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