The Man behind the Mask!

The Mystery that we all have to solve

Fasten your Mind Belts cause its gonna get a lot Crazier!!

We are all Actors underneath…Don’t you think??… We imitate what we feel is Cool.. We pick up the traits of our Idles.. We be the worst in what we perceive as the worst when we are at our Worst…

What you are to your Parents? what you are in your Group of Friends? What you are with you Girl Friend..? In your Whats app chat… to that one special Friend you talk to once in a while..What you are with your Childhood Friends… What you have become when you came to College…How you are when you are at work..How you behave when you want to be Jerk!The fact is that Consciously or Unconsciously we all wear these Masks..

You don’t have to accept it to me.. You know its the truth…You just have to think about it!

In a way we all wear Masks that come out based on our level of comfort in the Social situation …When you really like a Girl,what you do when you make that move on her..? (That Confident Guy) and when you are alone in your head..? How you behave When you have to Suck up to your Boss, or Your Prof or Your Senior, What you are to those whom you don’t get a Good Vibe from? and What you are to a Stranger on that bus you take?

Ever read this Quote : “You are restricted to the Boundaries/Walls you build yourself”

Each of these Masks that you have Manifested all your life.. They have Boundaries-Restrictions that you kept yourself! While it is true that these Boundaries are the reasons why you are where you are right now..These Boundaries were also the reasons for all those choices you didn't make.. for all the paths you didn't take..

We all have different sides to us… There’s the Crazy side,Caring Side,The Creative Side,Loving Side, Responsible side,Angry Side,The “Kid to your Parents” Side…these are the parts of you.

These Masks that I told you ,they are comprised of all the different sides I was talking about earlier..

May the Best Mask Win!

Humans as much as we are Hypocrites. When we first get know about someone “Their Best Mask” always dominates.We live in a materialistic world where your Accomplishments speak more than your Character or Mentality.Remember,you can be a Rebel but you cant be in Denial.

Lets take an Example of Bruce Wayne : When he wears the mask of “The Bat” ,He is his Alter Ego “The Batman”.. Its when you can see the Detective side,The Strong & Disciplined side, The “I know every Goddamn Martial Art in the World”side in him.

Outside this Mask is The Batman that you see… Whats inside the Mask is head of the same man who portrays an image of the Spoiled Golden Son of Gotham-The Wrecked Millionaire Playboy. But what would you call his True Self is??. The “Rich kid” side or the “Rich kid with Toys” Side..?? The Answer my friend…Is for you to decide.

Lets talk to “V” (from V for Vendetta)…Awesome movie btw! The movie is filled with a lot of Dialogues that one can put up as Quotes. Here’s one of those lines…

“You wear a mask for so long you forget who you were beneath it!”

it is true not just for those plastic ones… this line works the same way for the Masks i am talking about… this Mask is what people call a ‘Personality’. Infact he knows what i’m trying to Explain & He says this line in the same Context.

After all..We are all just Stories in the End! — Writable

To this Story of our life..We are the director, We are the hero.. mostly our dads are the producers till an age.. and for the rest of it you yourself,You are the sole creator of what you can be and what you will be. So lets take some proper care when we create this Lead Character… would it work for you if i call it Growing up? Being more Considerate to others? Or Should i call it “Being What you Really want to be!”

To sum it up…Find that Mask that when you put on you are your Best Self. That mask that is gonna channel the best sides of your personality.They need not be the best sides of you..they just have to be those sides that you need it to be.


Find Your Mask — Find your path to be better.. better than what you are Yesterday.. for what you want to be Tomorrow!

It Better not be this one!
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