The Dreamer

After trying for more than an hour rolling over in bed and still unable to find sleep, I’ve decided to write this at 4Am in the morning.

Finding sleep sometimes is very hard, more than you can imagine. What ever the reason : hard day at work, health issues,mind caught up between things or the unanswerable question of what the f*#k am i doing with my life ?.
And the last type is the hardest one. Most people must have experienced it.

And the answer ?! God ‘wishes’ he knows.

I think people are three types: Sleepers, Dreamers, Achievers.


A lot of people, I believe, are sleepers. They know they are capable of waking up, they know they are capable of dreaming big and achieving them. But they don’t. They just don’t.
They are content in the happiness of their sleep. The are happy in the cushion of their bed, the laze of experiencing nothing and the ease of letting things happen as they may. And more than that, they are afraid of what they might have to face if they wake up. They have learned to be content of what they are and what they have.


Dreamers dream. They dream of changing things, of changing themselves. They dream of building products, companies and much more. They do that, all the while enjoying the cushions of a sleeper. But the overpowering of the fear of ‘what they might have to face’ by the ‘excitement of an achievement’ allows them to dream. Dream big.

Being a fan of Elon Musk, who believes, he, not astronauts but he himself, can go to mars, I believe,

If you can’t dream big, you can’t hit big.

I had represented my college (IITB) in three Inter-IIT sports meets as a volleyball player. Every year, irrespective of the strength of the team, I would dream winning the Gold. (Never won a medal though :P , that’s a story for another day). But I believe, dreaming pushed me one more extra yard to try and make it happen,every time, every year. And it had improved my performance, every year, irrespective of the result.

There’s nothing noble in being superior to others. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

But dreaming is just the beginning. Dreamers, most of them, never really come out of the comfort of their sleep and start a journey to achieve their dreams. They are happy just with the imaginary excitement of achieving an achievement although not having achieved one.


These are the guys who change things. They dream big, and give their everything in achieving that dream. U can’t make them happy with all the cushions, or the excitement. They need to change things, they need to taste the success, though through a hard and curvy road which sometimes might make one feel “ahh, should have stayed in bed”. They are ready to take all the hard and risky calls. They are happy even in failing to achieve their dream if the dream is worthy enough.

Some dreams are so worthy, there’s nobility in failing to achieve them.

I have learnt from all three types of people.

I am a startup enthusiast dreaming to build something useful. Its very hard to achieve a dream unless you are passionate about it. For an achievement, passion comes first, then persistence.

Trying very hard not to generalize people, and also not to look ‘advice giving’, a few things from whatever little I have learnt: (have to conclude something after such a read :P)

All those friends who are in shitty jobs and whine about it all the time, wake up from sleep. Or at least start dreaming doing things you are passionate about. One day, may be, you will start your journey.

All the dreamers(including myself), lets get up, start moving forward and never look back.

All the achievers, please guide us to become one of you…

-A humble Dreamer.

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