Pavel Shlapak
Aug 14 · 5 min read

The game industry seems to be inundated with brands and ideas, so bringing something new to the table is not an easy task — unless that something is absolutely innovative and meets the actual demands of the market. Caer Sidi is exactly such a thing; helpful for business people in the industry and for our customers. As CEO of Paracosm Project, the creator of Caer Sidi, I feel that to integrate our ecosystem into the game industry, we need to highlight its unique features for potential partners.

For this purpose, I attend various conferences and hold many meetings and conversations. For the same purpose, I’ve decided to create this article — to convey the Global Vision of Caer Sidi in the clearest way possible.

Caer Sidi is an infrastructure solution for both gamers and game developers. The former get a portal to a seamless, immersive, and comfortable playing experience. The latter get an expanded audience for their products and additional possibilities for game monetization. The developers offer the players unique values.

Let me emphasize some of the primary features of Caer Sidi. It’s a multilayered infrastructure …

… for the best gaming experience.

Enjoyment should start as quickly as possible and have no internal barriers at all. Players enter the well thought-out environment of Caer Sidi and start having fun with no delay — even the lobby is a fun place. Players can explore the multitude of possibilities of our service with no annoying interruptions.

Caer Sidi users have access to all their games and assets, regardless of the platform they use. The atmosphere of Caer Sidi focuses on the playing process and player’s emotions. This is great not only for gamers — but it opens up so many opportunities for game developers.

… for the needs of game creators.

Caer Sidi has quite a large community to reach dedicated players and a store to sell assets. We connect our partners’ games to the distributed ledger and take care of everything required for the exchange of assets. We manufacture phygital assets and also connect them to the distributed ledger.

Often, players are reluctant to start new adventures because of a higher entry threshold. Caer Sidi demolishes this obstacle by providing universal principles for in-game economy, the rarity of assets, etc. The common currency, Caer Sidi Credits, also makes user migration easier, supporting the income of new players to the connected titles.

We don’t limit our partners — for instance, to publish on other platforms too. Together, we can find ways to create win/win situations for us and for our customers.

… for the trade/exchange of assets.

In most cases, players can exchange assets inside one particular game — to expand their collections and even trade for real money. Still, there is no way to exchange assets between games — and Caer Sidi offers it for everyone in the industry. Caer Sidi is an infrastructure for the exchange of assets between games, platforms, and realities.

… for creating great collections.

Collecting virtual and real-world assets is an integral part of the gaming experience. These items prove gaming skills and demonstrate the engagement level. Caer Sidi offers possibilities to make these collections and share them with other people. Assets and achievements can be placed in the special trophy room in VR Hub and people can observe them in the games. Internal trades and exchanges are a good way to collect some unique assets.

… for securing all the processes in the industry.

Digital values are of the same significance for people as those in the real world. We must protect the accounts of our users and everything connected to them. The best way to do this is to create a technology that makes any fraud impossible and protects people’s digital property. The distributed ledger is exactly such a technology.

We build Caer Sidi on the basis of DLT to achieve the highest level of security possible. This technology also supports the value of some assets — by keeping all their history.

… for improving the world of gaming together.

We create an open-source service, not a proprietary system. Our goal is to make Caer Sidi independent from the will of one person or one company. Let the community rule — for the better of the common future.

Caer Sidi offers a multitude of possibilities for P2P interactions. Even at this early stage, our users can transfer assets and credits to each other — and there will be many more similar activities on the service. Also, we develop a rewarding system for users who participate in the data transfer infrastructure. Gradually, Caer Sidi will move towards full decentralization, becoming a community-driven ecosystem.

Such an attitude is not idealistic. Something similar has been developed by Unix, so many people use this basis to do their business. Caer Sidi is going to become a king of Unix in gaming.

… for merging realities.

For now, gaming worlds are rather separate from each other. Caer Sidi unites them in different ways, including through phygital assets. With them, we can merge digital and real-world games.

Phygital assets are physical objects that keep digital data in their in-built chips. We manufacture them for our games and our partners’ products. This technology is also based on the distributed ledger.

The area of phygital assets is innovative, with demand from customers and existing companies. Still, it’s rather empty right now, so Caer Sidi can fill the gap and make producing phygital assets the first step in building the ecosystem. I’m going to give more details on this topic in the next article on my Medium blog.

I would be glad to talk about Caer Sidi in person. For example, we can meet at SPIEL ’19 in Essen, Germany.

We can also communicate through Twitter and through the official Discord channel of Paracosm Project.

Pavel Shlapak

Written by

CEO and co-founder of the Paracosm Project. Top manager and IT consultant with more than 15 years of expertise in developing projects around the world.

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