Do gamers need DRT?

Pavel Shlapak
Apr 3 · 4 min read

The progressive technology of distributed registry can become very helpful in many areas, such as economics or keeping government documents. Gaming is also one of these areas, and DRT here makes lots of amazing things possible. Still, there is an issue. Most gamers don’t consider the security of their virtual assets as crucial, paying little attention to potential problems, and then finding themselves lost items, games, and accounts with thousands of played hours.

When we talk about DRT in gaming and work on the introduction of this technology to the gaming community, we should take this specificity into account. Gamers will benefit from a distributed registry, but the companies have to explain this, to make it clear — why gamers need DRT for their virtual adventures.


Some time ago, gaming was a strictly entertaining activity that affects our real life mostly in the form of emotions from the playing process. Nowadays, this aspect of our culture has become a multi-billion industry with many new surprising features, such as esports championships with millions of prize dollars, or rare in-game assets with quite a significant price in real-world money.

The entertainment of gaming slowly but surely takes the shape of something quite tangible. Players invest their time and energy in some games and they can have a potential outcome of collecting valuable assets or participating in tournaments. Some gamers sell their accounts after making significant progress in a particular title. Enthusiastic guys build their gaming reputation on the base of their trophies and achievements.

Shift from unreal and unsubstantial towards the same level of realism as many other goods and services have, is one of the unavoidable steps in this process is providing the community with a decent level of security, with relevant proofs of ownership and origins of virtual items. Distributed registry is the best possible technology for this — now and in the foreseeable future. DRT becomes a kind of magic power that converts some aspects of the gaming world from their old unreal state to a new one, absolutely real.

What do gamers think about?

Security is significant in our world, and there are not so many people who would argue with this. Gamers would rather not delve into their virtual adventures unless they are sure no one will rob their home meanwhile. At the same time, virtual security is rather limited to protecting accounts with passwords — “It’s not a bank account we talk about”.

Gamers are quite enthusiastic about new GPUs to make virtual worlds more beautiful. They are often become taken away by great features of in-game mechanics or fantastic storylines. And then gamers rely on game publishers and mostly on gaming platforms in the security aspect.

Information about hacked accounts and stolen items appears here and there regularly. It’s ignored by many — till that moment when such a disaster happens with them when it is too late. Preventing even potential risk of fraud is a task for companies, developers and owners of gaming platforms. The problem is that such systems are built on almost outdated technologies. So first, we need to elaborate a gaming ecosystem of the newest generation. Then, we should properly inform gamers about this solution for their potential security problems.

The number of people who expanded their attention from gaming itself to protective activities around their playing enjoyment became significantly bigger recently. Still, we can’t work only on developing a great solution, and informative work in the gaming community is needed to explain all the advantages of DRT-based games and platforms, to deliver an understanding to gamers, why they really need DRT.

Gaming excitement in distributed registry

Emotions of players — probably the most valuable thing to protect with DRT. We may go on and on about the value of collectible virtual items and the risk to lose them. But let’s not forget what is really meaningful for the majority of gamers. It’s crucial to protect all shades of excitement from accomplishing missions and completing games, from very owning of a gaming account and everything connected to it. DRT can’t make your emotions perfect but this technology is definitely able to protect our precious gaming memories.

Zone of trust

One more aspect to notice is a power of DRT to clear up the gaming community from any sort of fraud and therefore to create a zone of trust for all gamers to join. The very technology creates such relationships when transactions with virtual items become honest to the max. Players know for sure what they pay for and they have guarantees in receiving their funds.

Adapting the technology of distributed registry for the gaming needs is one of the main missions of our Paracosm Project. With the team, we work on all aspects of this process. Including informing gamers on future benefits. The same can be done by responsible development companies and gaming media — to care about the future of the industry and the community.

Probably, DRT in gaming is the same worthy innovation as game streaming with such projects as Google Stadia.

Pavel Shlapak

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CEO and co-founder of the Paracosm Project. Top manager and IT consultant with more than 15 years of expertise in developing projects around the world.