Welcome dear readers to my Medium blog!

I’ve started it to share my thoughts on various areas of my personal expertise, such as economic models in the video game industry, development and usage of such innovations as the technology of distributed registry, VR, AR, and Cross-Reality in gaming. Of course, many other ideas may pop-up in my mind to cover in this blog.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Pavel Shlapak. My professional experience includes quite a few successful projects, in which I was a manager of the highest level, a CEO and owner. To learn more about my business career, check out my Linkedin page.

My current professional activity is dedicated to Paracosm Project. With a team of exceptional professionals, we develop the Paracosm platform, a place for gamers to gather together, to enjoy adventures in many virtual worlds. The project includes the Caer Sidi service that connects all the game worlds into one multiverse, allowing even transferring internal progress between them in the form of special energy-like (or in-game gold like) credits.

I love video games, considering them as a significant part of our global culture, one of the deepest aspects of human nature. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about Paracosm Project and its influence on the whole game industry. My deep intention here is to create a zone of trust for players, developers, and publishers, where all the transactions are proved by the very technology of DRT, leaving no space for fraud. With the whole team, we would like to provide the community with the most innovative X-Reality games, and creators with all the necessary tools to implement their ideas and reach their end-users.

This Medium blog will not be about Paracosm Project, but probably I will mention it time after time — because it’s obviously a frequent subject of my thoughts.

I invite you to check out other posts on this Medium blog and also to visit my Facebook page.