How MetLoop Revolutionized the Roofing Industry

When it comes to a roof, homeowners pretty much want it to accomplish two principal goals. The first, and arguably the most important, is to keep water from permeating the home, something that would effectively compromise the structural integrity of the building. The second thing consumers look for in a quality roof is longevity — most wanting to get at least 20 years out of it.

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Interestingly, homeowners don’t typically concern themselves with the “how” of these goals, and yet, they should. There are have been a number of advances in the technologies and materials that aim to satisfy both of these aforementioned demands, perhaps none quite as transformative as those accomplished by MetLoop, a revolutionary Florida-based company founded by meteorologists, building contractors, and technology developers.

To be fair, MetLoop hasn’t begun transforming the commercial and residential roofing industry by developing its own proprietary green roof or integrated solar shingles. In fact, their product concerns itself more in making sure that existing roofs last as long as possible by monitoring, of all things, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

How MetLoop Works

In a nutshell, MetLoop accurately quantifies the severity of a storm or other meteorological phenomenon and provides details to roofing manufacturers relating to the possible damage that may have occurred to their clients’ roofs in a given geographical area. This allows the manufacturer to proactively conduct inspections to look for any compromised roofing components and repair them in a timely manner.

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The system that drives MetLoop uses repurposed military grade storm tracking technology along with its address specific monitoring capability to make sure that they know well in advance when inclement weather will be bearing down on highly important clients. It also uses data collected by all NEXRAD stations across the United States as well as thousands of smaller weather monitoring devices to get an accurate weather forecast that simply is not available anywhere else.

Obviously, a roofing contractor that is part of the MetLoop community can leverage this as a highly marketable value proposition to a prospective homeowner, but there are additional benefits to contractors. The roofing industry, as many can attest in storm-prone regions, can be highly competitive immediately after a storm when “storm chaser” operations looking to steal a local contractor’s clients converge. MetLoop provides contractors with the heads up necessary to get to their clients first after a storm.

Good for Business, but Also Good for Building Trust

Because MetLoop’s meteorological detection software is so sophisticated, it’s capable of determining the path of inclement weather in a very precise manner (MetLoop, along with its NEXRAD and military certified operators, is accurate an unrivalled 95% of the time, where similar technologies struggle with accuracy at 65–70%).

And while it’s good for helping local roofing contractors and manufacturers to add value to their customers and provide them with a competitive advantage over a rival, there’s more importantly a sense of trust that goes along with it. More than twelve hours before a storm hits, MetLoop contacts roofing contractors and consumers in the storm’s path providing them ample time to contact their customers with information concerning the impending severity of the storm. Receiving these notifications can certainly help to protect a customer’s roof, but also, gives them time to make sure the rest of their property and their families will also be safe.

Knowing that their roofing contractor will alert them when their home is in the direct path of a storm is huge — after all, people can certainly appreciate the fact that someone they do business with is watching over them. Not only that, alerting a client that a storm is approaching is an excellent segue to booking an on-site inspection after the storm.

When it comes to warranties, MetLoop can play a vital role in making sure that inspections are performed regularly, before serious wear and tear can occur. For example, the data collected and disseminated by MetLoop in areas with higher winds can compel contractors to proactively perform an inspection, which can reduce the cost and labor required for a major roof repair.

MetLoop recently partnered with CertainTeed, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of building products — a deal that only serves to exemplify the efficacy of the MetLoop system. Though it’s perhaps difficult to estimate how long MetLoop will comprise a competitive advantage for CertainTeed and other manufacturers given the pace of modern technology, it will at the very least serve as a catalyst in the roofing industry in terms of after purchase service.