Fail: Detecting touch interface in Google Chrome 70 on destkop device with touch screen

Almost a month ago Google Chrome 70 was released. It has an important update which causes some of my SPA to work improperly. Here it is: The ontouch* APIs default to disabled on desktop

I do some checks to detect touch interface in browser. Here they are:

Of course, I have a mistake in this code. It should have navigator.maxTouchPoints. This error wasn’t found earlier because of first condition: ‘ontouchstart’ in window. It was always true for Chrome.
But now, when ‘ontouchstart’ had dissapeared, my SPA started to fail detecting touch interface and stopped adding listeners for touch events according to logic of my code. So, honestly, this is mostly my fault. But…

…in another legacy code (e.g. jQuery UI Touch Punch 0.2.3) I’ve found these lines:

This code also fails to detect touch interface on desktop after this update.

So. May be you should check your code and apps for this issue.