Kuende’s Turkish Alliance

Pavel Antohe
Mar 22 · 2 min read

The Turkish Community on Kuende has been the most active one, with hundreds of new users from Turkey joining Kuende every week. Not to mention how active the community is on our Kuende Telegram Group in Turkish (join HERE).

We have created a platform that rewards users so it’s safe to say that Kuende is all about its community. Therefore, we have decided to thank our Turkish Kuenders in a way we think is the best: within the next 2 weeks, the Kuende mobile apps will be fully translated into Turkish, following the desktop version later on.

Moreover, we are implementing a feature where users from Turkey are able to filter the content in Turkish. By default, if you have an account from Turkey, you can find the international content in English and the content in Turkish or choose to filter one or the other.

We take this moment to thank everyone from the turkish community, especially our community managers for their support and commitment!

Kuende & Sistemkoin Joins Forces

Follow Sistemkoin on Kuende -> kuende.com/sistemkoinexchange

Just two weeks ago, we have introduced Verified Profiles for businesses and the very first company that got its red badge on Kuende is actually from Turkey. Sistemkoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that listed our KUE Token with Turkish Lira and ETH parity. Considering that we have a very large blockchain community on Kuende, they’ve decided to take advantage of the platform’s features to engage in a more interactive way with their audience of traders through the Kuende Challenges.

The purpose of this partnership is to increase our communities and to provide users with easier ways to purchase KUE using not only ETH but also the Turkish Lira.

Don’t forget to follow Sistemkoin on Kuende HERE.

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