When we travel usually we try to visitmore places, try more things, get more different experience. But when we live, only few of us follow same ideas, usually just stack with one place and doing same things every day.

Several years ago before I start to travel I didn’t want to visit new places and try new things because my life was interesting enough and full of new things.

When life start getting boring just need to start doing something new. I wish more people could understand that, what doing what you want to do is most interesting thing to do. May be we should make university to teach people how to find what they like to do, because most of universities I seen just teaching how to dislike what you do.

I had a course of Russian classic literature in school (as everybody else in Russia) and I hated it, teacher asked to read big book n short time, most of them was boring. Now I love Russian classic literature, and if I were a good student and read all that books then I will not want to read them anymore. Often teachers ruin students, after studying people don’t want to do what they studied. What if we can make university to teach how to like things. Actually there is a thing, called TED

Tldr: when life getting boring just try new things, do what you like and what you want to do; just like when you traveling, or playing computer games