Tailored business in Shopify by VN Studios
Tailored business in Shopify

Tailored business in Shopify

Proposed action: Is Shopify canned? Can I customize it? Which are Shopify’s boundaries? Which is the role of Shopify’s Experts? Bellow, all this information, and more.

Many companies are moving to the cloud and many more still looking for a good platform that helps them have their products and services online in a simple and accessible way. Shopify is, by far, one of the best options regarding both rice and service.

In many cases, from the outlook of a company like ours (VNS), it is not just about the design, development, or setting of the elements.

This is how we work with stores like HANNI, which has an incredible well-presented product, tailor-made, with a catalog of 6 items; we also work with stores like Galpón de Ropa, which has more than 1,500 products, all unique and with no repetitions. Essen USA, for the moment, has a product catalog that is only accessible to purchase by customers who have to enter the code from their reseller, taking the traditional scheme of online sales to a direct sales scheme (by recommendation/resellers).

Each of them represented a different challenge but, above all, they showed how flexible Shopify can be, adapting to their needs.

Personalized Products Presentation

It is true that each Shopify template (theme/template), has a well-defined “pattern” of the product presentation and, even if there are a lot of templates, the range is mostly similar. But what happens when we want to customize this and show different information, even between the same products? The answer is IT IS POSSIBLE.

We created templates in Shopify using Custom Fields and generated dynamic layouts (views) so that the client can not only present different content per product but also modify it and alternate blocks: image, video, text, HTML, etc. We achieved a level of customization and personalization of the product presentation by using all tools and apps that the Shopify environment provides.

HANNI Shopify Store: https://heyhanni.com/
HANNI Shopify Store: https://heyhanni.com/

Access by reseller code

The referral or reseller business model is not new, so…, how can e-commerce (which, by definition, aims to be open to all customers) customize this step allowing the referral to register before the purchase and then enabling them to compute commissions and rewards?

Without the need to upgrade the Shopify plan to Shopify Plus this was possible by modifying the code so that, when accessing the cart, the user has to complete a validation through a code provided by their reseller, and also by developing a back-end system that records the purchase information, which then “identifies” the orders with the entered code of the reseller. There are very few plugins that solve this and that, apart from that, do it well; this is why with a custom, simple, and fast development, we were able to solve the issue.

Essen USA Shopify Store: https://www.essen-usa.com/
Essen USA Shopify Store: https://www.essen-usa.com/

Personalized Filters

Being able to apply customized filters on the product listing page is also another thing that is highly requested by customers from VNS. While it is true that there are plugins that in many cases solve this issue quite well, it should be clarified that the customer always has to end up “accepting or relegating something” to meet the requirements from the specifications of the plugin.

That is when we came into play, and, in the case of Galpón de Ropa, a system of filters by Brand and Size was set up, which even allows you to sort the order of the filtered elements from the Shopify panel. Both elements are organized according to the selected category, and, above all, it allows other types of filters to be added in the future, such as Color or type of clothing. The possibilities are endless when looking to customize and develop these components.

Galpón de Ropa Shopify Store: https://galponderopa.com/
Galpón de Ropa Shopify Store: https://galponderopa.com/

These are just three examples of big and important clients, there are many more; what it is important to highlight is that Shopify is not a “canned” product where the entrepreneur or the companies have to take or leave what they are offered; on the contrary, they can work with us as the Agency who will be taking the challenge of understanding the specific needs of their business model and of adapting Shopify to them; achieving a unique and great product, just as all our clients are!

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