The situation in the world has revealed a lot of problems of society. Already seen headlines in which they write that 2020 will put an end to Western values. I will write a series of thoughts about this. Today about aging.

I have been convinced more than once that the age of about 30 is a time of great change. Most people choose the way of thinking and values ​​with which they will go to the end of life. Apparently, this consequence is a collision with “reality” — the understanding that in a competitive environment, any goals are 10, or…

If (though, even when, not if) — life becomes digital, then medicine and information security will become one industry :)

The main idea of this article is not a discussion about coronavirus, but rather a principle of risk assessment and decentralization while addressing security of an ecosystem, whether it is about humans, computers or anything else.

Let us try to imagine how the decision-making system would work if it were aimed at maximizing the overall effect, rather than populism. I understand that we are talking about human lives, but for the state these are just numbers — although politicians may…

or Blockchian Bullshit Bingo Book

If this book offences your feeling please stop reading it right away. I have no intention to be polite, tolerant, diverse or politically correct. If I know something is bullshit I will call it bullshit.

INTRODUCTION. Why blockchain, Bitcoin are worth talking about?

The short answer is simple. Something there is growing — fast and sometimes exponentially fast. It doesn’t just grow and then disappear in oblivion, like tulips, but rather comes out of ashes and surprises people again and again. “This something should not even exist!” — shout many. But it does. People who knew about it and didn’t buy — scream…

What is tokenization and a token?

  1. Tokenization is the process of transformation of infrastructure to manage asset ownership rights.
  2. A token is a digitized ownership right for an asset.

Tokenization in context

There are four levels on which we can view tokenization: user, business, IT infrastructure, technical details.

  1. From a legal perspective, tokenization doesn’t change the reality (whether it is paper registry or a database).
  2. From a responsibility perspective, tokenization implies that the registry of ownership is no longer controlled by a single party.
  3. The terms “a tokenized title to an asset” and “a tokenized asset” are interchangeable.
  4. Token is…

People start asking: “Who is killing crypto? Banks or governments?” In fact, the explanation of why it grew so quickly and then similarly quickly fell could be very simple.

When startups discovered ICO, the easiest means of investment was ether — you don’t have to create your own blockchain, neither make a fuss about issuing coins — everything is done by the smart contract. On the back of the global euphoria about the future of decentralization, the valuations of projects with just one whitepaper on hands were indecently high. All this required massive ether allocations. Several companies in the market…

After all, he never gave instructions like “once Bitcoin gains grounds, go on and storm SEC”.

In this post, I will try to show you why BTC’s price will be $0 longterm in case ETF and other regulations meet it. I will also show that neither the number of people invested in Bitcoin, neither the number of wallets nor the technological strength of the team are able to ensure a constant price increase of Bitcoin if it would lack its one single inherent quality.

I’ll start with a provocative example. Let’s say that someone takes Venus and divides its surface…

We already live in the era when most assets are digitized. Steadily, we’re moving towards the digitization of, basically, any value. On top of it, tendencies set by blockchain technology imply that little by little, we will be foregoing intermediacy and move towards individual control and management of our assets. In order to understand how to work with them, we should know how they should be classified. The article will also be helpful for those who are interested in fintech.

What is what

Digital asset is a digitized right of ownership of any value. That’s the most precise definition, though it doesn’t say…

We live in a digital era. At that, from year to year, it’s becoming more and more digital. And there’s no doubt that with the advent of the blockchain technology, this process will speed up. Basically, this statement is true, but the idea is toooo general. Blockchain indeed showed us that we can store and transfer value without having to trust third-parties. BUT…

This leads to such misconceptions that later we’ll be able to sell our apartments, cars, etc through that kind of blockchain where the parameter of trust will tend to zero just like in Bitcoin. That’s impossible.


Few days ago I had discussions about several projects, where, according to the founders, blockchain could play a key role. Unfortunately, the expectations from the use of the technology were unrealistic. I will try to describe the initial conditions and reality.

Conditions: Reconciliation in the tourism industry


1. Blockchain will simplify mutual settlements, or replace the payment system

2. Blockchain will allow users to establish trust in the data

3. Smart contracts will allow system to manage money

These expectations are caused by the fact that people mix together three different phenomena, which are all called “blockchain”:

1. Bitcoin…

Very often people say that Bitcoin is a system where you do not need to trust people, just math. I suggest to look at this problem from another angle. Now I will try to prove that this is a system of trust between people.

Imagine for a moment that aliens flew to Earth, met us and they liked Bitcoin. They watched mining, installed an ultrafast internet connection and flew away. On their planet, they gave their scientists the opportunity to set up production of miners, and the total hashrate began to increase rapidly (and it is easy to hide from…

Pavel Kravchenko

Founder of Distributed Lab. Passionate about decentralized technology and its applications.

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