Healthbox and Techstars are coming to LA

The HTF Los Angeles chapter meeting in December of 2014, just a year ago, gathered a modest crowd of thirty people. Same meeting this December gathered almost a hundred. This is not an accident.

Technology companies are growing rapidly in Los Angeles area. The healthcare is becoming more digitized and healthcare technology companies are growing at the same pace as many information technology sector leaders. Just as for IT startups, for many new health technology startups, healthcare startup accelerators play a significant role.

Last year, it was easy to notice that big names among health technology accelerators were not represented in Los Angeles like they are represented in many other large cities in the United States. San Francisco, Boston, New York have a lot of them, Los Angeles … not so much. But this finally has started changing in 2015. Responding to the crazy growth of a healthcare technology sector in LA two large accelerators are opening their programs in the area.

First one to mention is Healthbox. Their program’s duration is 8 weeks and they do not take any equity for participation in the program. They provide mentoring, office space and connections with valuable partners and investors. The application deadline is January 29th of 2016 and the program itself starts in Spring, 2016. At the end of the program they might offer funding deals to selected companies. Healthbox is looking for approximately ten startups. You can learn more about the program and submit your application at and address your questions to a managing director of Healthbox Maria Siambekos.

The other new program is a result of a partnership between Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Techstars Healthcare Innovation Accelerator. Their program’s duration is 12 weeks and the application deadline is January 8th of 2016. A sounding benefit of Techstars program is access to the leading healthcare specialists of Cedars-Sinai and Cedars-Sinai’s Epic EHR system. Techstars standard offer includes $120k funding in exchange for 6% of equity of the company. You can address your questions about their program to a Managing Director of Techstars Healthcare Matt Kozlov.

The fact that two of the largest health technology startup accelerators are opening their programs in the Greater Los Angeles Area should be a strong proof that in the near future digital health entrepreneurs would have mature startup ecosystem here in Los Angeles.

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