Same Same but Different: Fundraising Promoter & LDS Missionary

One day, I was walking back from doing my grocery. As I was about to crossed the road, I noticed people were changing their path as if they were evading the ticket inspectors.

Since I was carrying heavy grocery and don’t want to add more time to the journey, I decided to cross the road.

It was like ‘get rich’ convention. Fundraising promoters from five separate charities were delivering the famous lines, “Hello! How are you?”. Some try to start a conversation with me, I just show them the grocery that I was carrying.

As I walk to another block, the sidewalk is empty like almost the closing time of the convention. People with black name badge were trying to start a conversation with, “Hello! How are you?”.

I almost ask, “Didn’t you people already at the other block?” till I realized that they are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints missionary.