No Cause For Alarm

Towards the end of 2015 as most people around the world began to pen out their New Year’s Resolution, I thought of trying something different. My aim was not to aim for a massive transformation in my life that would be, quite predictably, as short lived as most New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I thought of trying something new and was struggling to find what it was. Something new, small and achievable with significant impact both at work and ultramarathon training.

I was moping around the city with this thought stuck in a crevasse within my brain, when I happened to walk past a watch shop and bought an alarm clock. Nothing fancy. Just a cheap, battery powered Casio alarm clock for $15 that comes with an alarm that is loud enough to wake the dead.

What does a basic alarm clock have to do with change? My answer to that is: Snooze Button.

My biggest struggle has been the snooze button. I love it because I can go back to sleep.

Conflict arises because it does the opposite of what an alarm clock is supposed to do; it makes me snooze!

How does this affect me? I have begun to value the importance of time even more.

  • I spend less or almost zero time on my phone when I go to bed.
  • I’m forced to get out of bed and walk to switch off my alarm clock is located.

With the snooze button, time became a little more flexible which perhaps reduced my overall sense of discipline. By waking up earlier, I can have a more nutritious breakfast, get a better head start in the day and feel more productive. It has helped my ultramarathon training as I force myself to sleep earlier and wake up earlier for weekend long runs.

It could be a whole bunch of theories on why the alarm clock could be working, or it could just be the raw fact that I am getting older too :)