It’s just a color!

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It’s literally just a color! It will attract you but it will not make you stay.

I make dashboards for a living. Yes! I am a Designer and a Data analyst and I create dashboard for clients. A lot goes into developing a dashboard — displaying the right information, representing the key metrics using the right charts and tables, placement of components, ease of understanding and choosing the COLORS — where I spend the least amount of time. Why?

Because the right color palette of the dashboard does put a smile on the client’s face but they go past it in a second and look at the functionality and working of the dashboard. The color doesn’t matter to them anymore! Now, they want to see if the dashboard delivers what they were promised, loads up in seconds and flows smoothly.

Not everyone will get attracted to the color of the dashboard because it varies depending on taste but everyone will get attracted to a good working dashboard!

Now, this concept holds true for apps, websites, clothes, toys and literally everything — especially HUMANS!

To introduce myself, I am a brown skinned woman with thick black curly hair. I could be a white skinned woman with thick black curly hair or a brown skinned woman with a thick red curly hair. Would your perception of me change based on what my skin color or hair color is? Hair? Nah! Skin? Maybe. Why? I don’t know.

This is the story of people all over the world. They get attracted to someone because of their color and they have no clue why. The only thing they can sum up is,

Because people with light skin look better

Because my mom says I need to get a girl with fair complexion

Because I can wear bright pink lipstick and still look good

Because people with white skin might be pure as white depicts purity

Because I am an idiot!

These reasons might sound stupid but such reasons cause roughly 90% of the non-white skinned girls to be sad or depressed or lonely or question their abilities and 62% of the non-white skinned guys to feel the same.

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It is literally just a color! There are so many things to a person. Personality, character, talent, mind, creativity, power, eyes, ears, nose, hands. But, people want color! Not just the people who are discriminating but also the people who are feeling discriminated.

I personally have felt low about my color and thought I was being discriminated but I wasn’t! Nobody was judging me based on my color! Nobody cared about my color but myself! I did not get a job based on my color. I wasn’t being invited to conferences based on my color. People did not befriend me because of my color. No one fell in love with me because of my color.

I am not denying the fact that people who are fair skinned have a few perks than others but I am as happy as I would be with those perks. Because soon enough everyone looks past the color, they want to know the functionality and working. And if that is pat down, nobody cares about the color as much. Unless it is a painting! There are always a few exceptions.

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This is something that is changing, people are becoming more aware of the fact that a person’s skin color is not a parameter for judgement.

But for the discriminators to change, the people who feel they are being discriminated should change first!

Someone called you brown or dark skinned? Why feel offended if that is the color of your skin! Be proud of what you are! Being brown or dark or wheatish or dusky is not bad. If that is what you are, so then be it! Don’t try to change it. Change the things that you can change. Stand up for what you are! Also, if someone tells you some color doesn’t suit you because you are dark or brown skinned, accept it if you believe that is true. Again, don’t get offended. Would you get offended if someone tells you not to wear black because it makes you look too thin? No you won't! You will jump up and down with joy!

It is just a color! You would want it, you might get temporary happiness from it but you will soon wipe it off and go past it. After all, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t make billions just because he chose Facebook’s color to be blue.
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Exercise. Work hard. Make your loved ones happy. Read. Travel. Cook. Keep Smiling!

Thank you!

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