Hello Rails!!!

Hello World!!!! I am here to write about my Ruby on Rails adventures. In the past I had very brief experience in programming, most of it was in college. My professional experience was fully with PL/SQL, which is more of a query language than a programming language. I started learning rails in different ways. I read a book, followed blog posts, did a course on coursera, watched different video tutorials, etc... Then I try to re-create the same that I learnt. This worked for me and helped to become better in baby steps.

12 APPS in 12 WEEKS

Moving up for learning the core concepts, following Mackenzie Child’s video tutorials on Youtube is a good option. The video has 12 apps which are built over the course of 12 weeks. The schedule is to get one app done per week. The learning curve is pretty steep. After completing every single app, you can see the confidence to build a new app raising steadily.


While learning something new, be ready to make mistakes. By correcting the mistakes, you are not only learning but also getting rid of them. Your one stop solution to fix the error will be just to google the error. I am sure someone has already solved it before :) Be ready to go through different blog posts. Learning ruby is the main thing to start coding in rails. Rails is just giving a good, organised and convenient framework to develop web applications with ease of use.


Some of the forums that I commonly used are stackoverflow and rails forum. The response time is pretty quick and the answers are very very professional. There are certain ways to improve the turn around time even faster. These are things I have learned as I progressed.

  • Make the error message as the title.
  • Be clear and concise on what is your actually error.
  • Post your stacktrace and the code snippet that caused the error.

If you do all this right, you will get a response in 10–15 mins. Stack overflow has a pretty amazing community.


If you are a newbie, sometimes reading an old blog post might not come in handy. My advise for you while encountering such a case is to hang in there. It takes a while but you are going to reach there soon. Slowly you will pickup blog posts and then you will realise it is a great platform to explore more.

Ruby on Rails is very vast. There are loads of things to learn. I usually go through /r/rails and /r/ruby frequently. When I started to code in Rails, it gave me enormous happiness. So you all guys learn Ruby on Rails and rock in coding :)