Gratitude / 2016

Going back and forth.
Too many beginnings and no ends.
Loose ends. Momentum.
Lessons learnt. One too many.
A new curve in forgiving.
Allow yourself to be hurt. Be stupid?
Therapy. Chocolate. Running.
Green. Plants. Leaves. Flowers.
New and Old. Old friends as new friends.
Let go. Hold on. Let go.
Let bygones be bygones.
Asking is free.
Give more than you get.
Read more. Live more. See more.
Be more. For yourself.
The more you give.
The more you get.
Give? It’s a full circle.
Work hard. Work harder.
The long run will say thanks.
Change is the only constant.
Gratitude is everything.
Thank you. For reading. For everything.
A piece of my world is also yours.
Now go have some candy?
The Japanese kind only.