Using to generate LetsEncrypt certificates


I have been using LetsEncrypt since it came out. Its great to have the ability to create free SSL certificates and more importantly don’t have to worry about renewing them.

A couple of months ago I run into some issues where LetsEncrypt (and later certbot) would fail as they were missing some dependencies. That in turn would sometime cause some of my services to shut down. Which became an issue.

Primarily it had to do with the OS I was using at the time. CentOS 6.5.

It also made it difficult to generate certificates…

I recently had to handover a number of projects at work and wanted to ensure that whoever was going to take over would have sufficient information to get them comfortably started with the project.

I followed some of the practices used at open source projects but have also provided some additional information since on closed-code projects you don’t have a community to ask questions to.

Provide a README file

No different than open source projects. A readme file is the best way to get started.

For me this file is to give a basic overview of what you need to get started. In brief:

I have recently been working on a project with an API backend.

Following DDD — or at least the DataMapper pattern — I have a Domain folder with all my Entities, Collections, etc.

At this point I’ve already had two repositories. One for the API and another for the frontend. Adding a third one for the domain didn’t feel right especially as the domain is the heart of the project; hence it should reside with the project.

Using .gitattributes

Git provides .gitattributes for path operations.

I’ve previously used it to exclude the tests folder when importing the project through composer. So following…

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