What you need to know about launching your first direct sales mobile app

How to get an app fast and cheap

Often small businesses consider having their own mobile app too expensive, difficult to process and demanding to maintain. So I collected the most common FAQ about direct sales mobile apps to show how Call To Shop solves the problem.

How long does it take to launch the app?

For Call To Shop powered direct sales mobile apps it takes seven days to have your app in App Store or Google Play up and ready. We only need two photos from and a registration to Stripe.

How much does it cost to develop a sales mobile app?

Mobile apps built on Call To Shop platform cost only $69 for a set-up fee. Launch on Google Play and App Store is included in the set-up fee, as well as any associated costs. Then you pay a monthly fee based on the number of orders starting at $39 for 30 sales. There are no other costs issued by Call To Shop platform or Google Play and App Store.

How do the in-app payments work?

Also since Call To Shop powered mobile apps use Stripe, we are able to process the payments in the app using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Which means the customer does not need to enter their credit card details and they pay with one single swipe while on the videocall.

With custom mobile apps, you often need to implement various bank's payment gateways, which can last weeks. Also based on JustCoded analysis: “a fully-fledged custom payment gateway is an expensive undertaking and may cost you an arm and a leg. If we talk numbers, it’s anything from $150K and up.”

What else you need to know about Call To Shop powered mobile apps?

Does the direct sales app work on all phone types?

Can I cancel a Call To Shop powered mobile app?

Who is behind Call To Shop?

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