The Human Element

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What does it take to MAKE the WORLD a BETTER place?

Stricter policies, secured borders, or genuine human connection?

As the Danish TV ad “All That We Share” demonstrates that human needs for love and acceptance are universal, it also raises the question of social acceptance and inclusion for all.

The story reveals the emotional journey of ordinary people when their values and personal beliefs get challenged by bias. As participants stand up in segmented groups, a moderator points out the contrasts and the emotional dynamics dramatically shift. The video illustrates how diversity is still a challenge for some to embrace, and that it takes a conscious intention to overcome the stereotypes we apply towards those different, or opposed to us.

As the boundaries are redefined, people are asked to join others, whom they share common traits and interests with, such as being a stepparent, or being sad, or in love.

And suddenly it’s no longer “Us versus Them.”

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The video underlines the notion that being human is universal regardless of one’s religion, ethnicity, culture, or economic status. It is a powerful illustration of how intention to draw similarities can easily convert biases into compassion and appreciation for each other.

By highlighting the differences that divide us today, the video demonstrates that diversity and inclusion aren’t mutually exclusive. As parents and children we need to break down the barriers that prevent us from experiencing genuine human connection, happiness and love.

It’s a timely reminder that in a global world we all are INTERCONNECTED and ONE.

It is JUST Us, NOT Them anymore!