BarnBridge Community Donation Program

Hi everyone,

As you already know, the Cream exploit that happened on Oct 27th has also made an impact on the BarnBridge SMART Yield Cream pools. Some of our community members were drained, losing a significant amount of their net worth.

The Cream team may or may not figure out a way to reimburse the losses. Here’s the latest on it from them:

Despite the fact that BarnBridge is not responsible for this situation, we want to be proactive and lend a hand to our community members who were affected: Ser Gunner, Ser Speculor, Ser Mazza, and that’s just a few…

Considering the above, we are setting a goal to collect $250K (~1/5 of the total loss amount).

Therefore, calling the Amish gang to unite and support the initiative. We suggest the next steps:

  1. Set up a new Gnosis Safe Multisig (controlled by the core team members) to collect the donations.
  2. Compile the list of the wallet addresses that were affected by the exploit.
  3. Run the donation program for 1 month until Dec 1st.
  4. Based on the collected amount, discuss the distribution mechanics on the community forum or/and in Discord.

Here’s the new DAO multisig address for donations: 0xC7B3A676C1f1BFe4B3Dc4252d6f00145c5a069D3

We are also building a dedicated website page that will keep track of the collected amount.

We encourage everyone to participate. Every penny counts.




00 Agent at BarnBridge 🌉

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Pavlo Bendus

Pavlo Bendus

00 Agent at BarnBridge 🌉

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