ECOMI – Bears what? 🤧

A lot of people have already started chewing the “bear market gum”.

Speculating the price of OMI, based on alts performance though the bear market of 2018–19. So lets follow some steps and check if this gum has any taste at all.

OMI after a $0.012 ATH is sitting currently at $0.003 , ranked #217 on CMC, while BTC is at 30.000 level after the 66.000 ATH.

Going back in time (with our DeLorean of course) after the bull run of 2017 BTC felt from the 20.000 ATH to 3.700 a year later.

Now, lets take as an example, the token that at the time was ranked #217. It’s called UTrust

and check the performance. Felt from 0.5 to 0.02 though the bear market.

That’s a minimum 96% drop.

Now lets take the best FUD scenario and assume that OMI will have a similar price drop. From a 0.0125 ATH it will give us the floor of 0.0005

Two days ago ECTO drop burned almost 0.5B of tokens according to a OMI Daily Burns tweet.

And by the current price of 0.003 it equals with $1.550.000

So if in the future we experience a -similar to ECTO- sold out drop with the price of OMI being at 0.0005 level than we should burn 3.1B tokens.

The total supply of OMI sits at 750B and accordingly to ECOMI 450B will never enter circulation. That leave us with a circulating supply of 300B (future token releases included).

7B tokens have been already burnt. That leave us with a cc of 293B

3.1B is 1.05% of 293B.

So with just one (Ecto similar) drop we can burn the 1.05% of the total circulation supply.

DC has more than 10.000 characters

and Marvel more than 7.000

IF we take the best FUD scenario as a fact then…

Never mind UNIVERSAL – STAR TREK – POKEMON – NFL – DISNEY – VEVEVERSE – NFT tickets – NFT movies – comic books – gamification – buybacks – hosting artist… Never-mind Alfred Khan’s words “VEVE is not the Netflix of digital collectibles… it’s the Walmart”

Forget all of that.

It just takes us 50 Marvel and 50 DC heroes to burn the entire cs.


Greetings to all ECOMI fam ⭕️