Part II


Last year I made a Chrome Extension to automatically add connections, as well as scrape their profile data. Skip to the next section to learn more about the technical details. Turns out this is pretty useful for other B2B marketeers. This became especially relevant to my consulting work due to COVID-19 and how seemingly everybody needs marketing work now.

Over the last six months, I became pretty close with Dawson over at Alpha Mail Media and he happens to have used all the major scrapers out in the market over the years. …

*** 9 June 2020: available at Chrome Extension Store: LinkedIn Scraper***

I needed to generate a very specific lead list (surgeons in the USA that own their own small practices) for a client, so I turned to scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

My current process requires me to grab domain (website) names of the surgeons, and then pass them off to Clearbit Prospector which returns a list of emails at the domain with greater than 94% deliverability!

There were about 500 surgeons, but the issue I saw was that I needed to manually click on each page and copy their website…

Alexander V. Pavlovcik

Philomath, digital media and technology pioneer. アレクサンダー.com

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