Creating Tendermint blockchain with Python

We are happy to announce, that we’ve published the new Python package called tm-abci. It allows you to develop the Tendermint applications on Python 3, in the same way, you’re developing the Python classes. This package is a fork of py-abci package, which was developed by the Dave Bryson. Thanks for your work, Dave!

Softblocks, Python, Tendermint

You can install this package with pip:

# We recommed you to use virtual environment
mkdir python_abci_test
cd python_abci_test
# Packages requires Python >= 3.6
virtualenv --python python3.6 --no-site-packages venv/
source venv/bin/activate
pip install tm-abci

If you’re already familiar with the Tendermint architecture and especially ABCI protocol, the example here needs no comment — just copy & paste it to the file and run.

To run Tendermint, we recommend you to use the official Docker image:

sudo rm -rf tendermint/*  # Remove old data
sudo docker run --rm -v /home/pavlovdog/tendermint:/tendermint tendermint/tendermint:0.25.0 init  # Initialize Tendermint
sudo docker run --network="host" --rm -v /home/<INSERT_YOUR_USER_HERE>/tendermint:/tendermint  tendermint/tendermint:0.25.0 node --proxy_app=tcp://

For those, who are interested in this package but not qualified enough with Tendermint — we’re going to publish a few articles about building Tendermint applications with Python on the next week, stay in touch.