Evolution of fabulous money

I have been using classical banking system these days more often than I wanted. Anyway I gave it chance to use new methods of withdrawing money. There is new bank called Air bank in the Czech republic and I must say I quite like them. They have the highest interest rates on the market for ordinary people and they really try to use new technologies. They also cooperate with other companies, because they do not have many ATM in the city, in order to keep profits high.

However I tried to use Sazka to withdraw money from my bank account and it was really frustrating when you already tried to pay with Bitcoin. Here is what i needed to do.

Login to my bank account

  1. Insert username.
  2. Insert password.
  3. Than Click on Payments.
  4. Click on Withdraw money with Sazka.
  5. Insert amount of money.
  6. Insert my password again.
  7. Check SMS code for authentication.
  8. Insert code from SMS on internet banking site.
  9. After all you get 6-digit number which you give to middle man and the amount of money you ask to withdraw.

I must say I was really doing my best. The middle man was not fast enough and my memory not ready, that the code was displayed only for 20 seconds. So I had to go again to my bank account and send my withdraw code by SMS again. I am not fortunate person and the payment was not successful, so I needed to repeat whole process again. Even it would work for the first time, this is not something what I expect from innovative company.

Whole concept of money is just information and nothing more. We used to trade with shells, gold and paper. Now it is time for digital age of zeroes and ones. When I was looking at blockchain in the past I saw nothing, because I did not understand it properly. When I finally understood principles of blockchain (Blockchain) and how much trouble, fees, time and stress I can be spared with blockchain (Bitcoin)I have realised, it has a future.

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