How bitcoin can help you avoid a jail

I had to edit this article, because it becomes obsolete. Blockchain analysis can reveal your business activity. If you wish to keep your property private, use Monero instead.

It is known common principle ultima ratio in tort law. It says, that only crimes which harm society can be punishable. Imagine (the case), that your old granny has a garden with some marihuana plants. She prepares ointment to heal her skin on legs, which actually helps a lot. It is forbidden by the law, anyway if grandma use it only for herself and she does not harm society, you can expect, that judge says not guilty. (real case from the Czech republic)

We move a little bit to a different country of different law. (Slovakia) Second scenario is to become self-employed and become a businessman. You do your business and earn money, but most likely you can get to the hard times and you are not able to have any income. However state requires payments anyway for a social insurance and a health insurance. This little big country has a law, which criminalizes not paying it even if you don not have any money and simultaneously there exists different procedure to enforce these payments. Which is not logical at all. So now, there are at least 180 people criminalized by not having enough money. One may say, it harms society to not paying taxes. I accept this argument under these conditions: 1. The subject had sufficient money to pay taxes and he voluntary intentionally decided not to do so. 2. The law also criminalizes bad decision making of state officers, which has the same effect as not paying taxes and probably worse.

Finally, we get to bitcoin and why it helps.

  1. Other people do not know how much you own. Actually it helps a lot to relationships, you can get this information by your own experience.
  2. You are not important for a state. Actually you do not posses any property possible to enforce at all or a very little. They just do not care for losers.
  3. They can not force you to give them any bitcoins. It is a key, numbers you remember or you have stored online. It is more likely to be in hacker pockets, than in the state treasury.
  4. You will not be charged for a wilful crime of not paying taxes. It is crime, even in the Czech republic, not to pay taxes even if you have sufficient amount of money. But it will be very difficult to prove, you “own” some bitcoins.
  5. Tort law adjusts the penalty based on your property (excluding bitcoins). Judge can sentence you to pay penalty but he should consider your actual value of property.

And here comes Monero

If you wish to not leave trace on the internet about your transaction and property, use truly anonymous cryptocurrency Monero. Bitcoin can help you, but Monero will save you.

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