In math we trust

Only mathematical algorithm can maintain non arbitrariness

Because we live in physical world we as individuals are unable to be strong enough to protect our private property alone in such complex thing such society. We depend on minds of other people to provide “justice”. However, “justice” as social term is strongly arbitrary and the meaning strongly depends on human emotional unpredictable ilogical opinion. Function of pure justice is to be as much non arbitrary system as possible. We create big institutions as states and higher and supreme courts to avoid arbitrariness. If you see big institutions like USA, EU, International tort court, European court for Human rights, it is because people don’t want to depend only on decision of one man. Every trust in dictatorship falls with instability and unpredictability of just one man mind. We call for higher authority. Thanks to technology the human kind solved problem of arbitrariness. Math have no values.

Math have no emotions.

Math have no preferences.

Math does not discriminate.

Math just calculates.

In cryptography we trust.

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