When you create your Definition of Done, think about all of the tasks that must be done in order to put the story into production.
Definition of Done in Scrum (DoD) — What can you do to Improve/mature it?
Luis Gonçalves

This is something many teams / organizations struggle with.

  • Dev / QA may be completely separate silos.
  • Projects may mandate fixed deployment windows.
  • Teams may be unwilling to look beyond delivering to trunk/master.

There are many challenges here, and organizational structure and a silo-mindset often is the largest hinderance. As a result of this teams may be closed to the opportunity and value focusing on delivering a story to production may have.

For many organizations this is the de-facto way of approaching development. Each silo does their part, and they also optimize the best they can. Which in turn leads to efficient silos, but a not-so-effective pipeline.

Whenever practically possible, DoD should be the team delivering value to the end user.