Heavy Lifting Equipment Involved In Slip Form

Slipform method of construction requires a lot of heavy lifting. Following are the different types of heavy lifting equipment.

Tall structures have become a common sight in today’s big cities. One can see skyscrapers and commercial centres with hundreds of floors on them. If one has ever wondered how these are built then the one word one’s looking for is by using slipform technology. It is one of the most path breaking things that has happened to the construction industry. With the help of this technology, things such as making sure there is seamless supply of concrete on the structure and that it can be built at a fast place is possible.

Heavy lifting is a part and parcel of construction of a high rise buildings. With so much stuff being going on from the ground level to the top most tip of the building, it is but natural that these things depend on machines and thus buying the equipment used for such things has to be from a top seller. Equipment used for various different tasks is important for successful completion of the project. Following equipment can be commonly found where heavy lifting is concerned.

  1. Boom truck
a boom truck

These type of trucks comes with mounted cranes which helps in loading and unloading of heavy material. One can operate the crane in vertical as well as horizontal manner in a stable and accurate manner. These are important because they can carry large amount of weight without being too hard and doing this it is very easy to operate.

2. Container handlers

container handlers at a dockyard

This equipment is effective for transport of large and heavy containers within the construction site. They are very easy to operate and can help in transport in a quick and easy manner. These are important for various slipform construction because they can facilitate the application of different aspect of construction. These types are particularly important when it comes to heavy lifting which is a basic application when construction of high rise construction is concerned.

3. Bridge inspection Unit

a bridge inspection unit being used to inspect the underside of a bridge.

This is one of the key equipment which is required to primarily perform the bridge inspection for the safety and load ratings. One big advantage of this equipment is that it allows to inspect the underside of the bridge to help the thorough inspection. This can be important when it comes to Slipform type of construction as it is used commonly to help build bridges and many other tall structures.

4. Bucket Trucks

a typical bucket truck

These are a common sight on many construction sites as they offer height which is a basic need while constructing any high rise building. There is a bucket at the top of the crane which can be used by a person to be in and inspect the things at a high point.

Slipform formwork is the key behind most of the high rise construction that goes on. One such company which only has immense experience in construction but also in providing different types of heavy lifting is Bygging-Uddemann.

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